A picture is worth a thousand words.

There is no no argument that a picture is worth a thousands words but not all pictures are created equal. Let’s face, no matter how expensive your gear is without the proper training your images will just be ugly. That’s like putting a toddler in the drivers seat of an expensive car.

Lucky for us great photographers and inspiration is everywhere below is a great article that reinforces that.

Top 20 Most Influential Photographer Bloggers

This post is all about photographers who take the time to blog in order to help other people learn. Finding the most influential photographer bloggers is no easy task; there’s no scale on which measure influence. It’s all about finding the most popular blogs and most talented photographers. Read full post…

Even with great inspiration we are not all experts and need some basic guidance because after all everyone was beginner at some point. Here is a great slide share that out lines some basic building blocks.

Many people travel the world living life to the fullest and pictures play a big part. Memories that can be captures in a second that last a life time. While traveling to Houston once I was able to snap some pics from the window seat of a private jet and they turned out to me some of the most memorable to date but I’m no expert to I attribute that to mostly luck. If you’re into travel like we are you might find the following to be extremely high quality and inspiring.

Zen and the Art of Solo Travel

Inhale. Exhale. Store your tray tables and lock your seat in the upright position.

Relaxation isn’t exactly synonymous with independent solo travel. For an adventurous few, solo travel comes naturally. Then there’s the rest of us.

Planning your first solo travel experience can be panic-inducing: Will I be lonely? What if I get lost? What if my travel plans fail? read full article…

If you love photos, travel and adventure we’d love to hear from you.


Digital Marketing for Small Business

When it comes to digital marketing most business get it wrong. In the old days business owner used promote their business with magazines, yellow page ads and other type of print media. These methods used to work great and they were actually able to grow their business. In today’s world however that is far from the truth. Everything leads to the an internet search and we mean everything. Think out it. Marketing is typically ignored by the consumer unless that marketing no longer becomes marketing. For example if you drive down the highway you will probably ignore all the advertising signs unless that is you are looking for a sign to solve a problem.

So say you a have long drive and you start to get hungry, well you probably didn’t notice any of the food signs unless you started to get hungry and then you realized that a sign (advertising) would solve your problem.

In order for business to be successful they need online marketing. Wether that is through social media or through your website it the only way to go. So what are your option when it comes to online marketing?

PPC – PPC is when you buy ads from Google paid search and you pay them to place your website in front of people looking for you for a fee per click. The advantage you have with this is that you get instant traffic  and the con is that it can get very expensive.

SEO – When it comes to online marketing, there is nothing more powerful and cost effective that free seo traffic. This is the section of the search that is below the paid search and can be very effective. Pros is that its the most cost effective and returns best ROI. Cons is that it can take time to rank. There are several Houston seo firms that are top notch and can actually help your business get found. What you need to ask is for proof of concept and make sure they don’t have any long term contracts.

Most Affordable Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

If you are a business that is looking to break into the big time, there are some simple techniques that will allow you to market your business for a very affordable price. While many of these tips may seem basic, the problem is that many businesses fail to take the proper time and care to do them right. The best marketing practices are often the cheapest ones. The business world is competitive, so you should take any edge that you can get.

For starters, try some of these marketing methods:

1. Always create value
No matter your business, there is valuable content that you can make available. People need to be able to trust you, and know that your product is legitimate. By providing as much value as possible, people will be drawn like a magnet to your business. As yourself what are some of the most common problems in your area of expertise. Publish a good writeup of how to solve these problems on your website or blog. Once people start coming to your site to solve those problems, they will inevitably turn to you as an expert in that particular field. Your products sell themselves once this expertise is established.

2. Engage with social media
There is a way to do social media wrong, and a way to do social media right. Sites with a good social media presence will social mediaallow any business to engage on a personal level, social has become like the old yard sign company. With the spread of these technologies, it is almost as though marketing has come full circle. There used to be one shop where everyone knew everyone, and this phenomenon has been replaced by people getting to know users in the digital space. Consider the following example. If there was a repeat customer to your business, you would acknowledge them in real life. Why not acknowledge them online? If your customer is a huge football fan, buy them a jersey. The digital landscape allows for an intimacy that has not been available for years.

3. Take stock of who your customers are
It’s important to monitor the pulse of your customers and adjust accordingly. Generally this means staying away from controversial issues, but not always. Any company that can keep the pulse of its customers is sure to succeed in the long run. It pays to know exactly the kind of person that your “average” customer is. There are plenty of ways to get this data, but one of the best is through a survey. Offer an incentive to take the survey and collect some great data on your customer base. This will really pay off in the long run.